NSFOCUS Solutions for Banking & Finance

For most financial institutions, electronic banking has become the most significant portion of their business because more and more people conduct financial transactions using the Internet. Financial institutions must provide 24/7 availability and high performance. Even small delays can negatively impact the user experience and create customer satisfaction problems. In addition, many financial institutions maintain sensitive information for their customers and the theft of this information can lead to loss of customer confidence and extensive damage to brand.

In a recent worrisome trend, financial institutions are being targeted with multi-vector attacks that use DDoS as a smokescreen for more malicious behavior. This can include the immediate exfiltration of customer data or the installation of malware, spyware, ransomware and other malicious software.

In order to fully protect against these threats, financial institutions are increasingly using a multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach to secure vital assets and ensure business continuity. NSFOCUS provides a complete network and application security solution consisting of:

  • DDoS Protection: Hybrid cloud and on-premises DDoS detection and mitigation to ensure critical systems remain online
  • Web Application Security: Full web application layer protection including support for OWASP top 10
  • Next-Generation IPS: Provides comprehensive threat protection that blocks intrusions, prevents breaches and safeguards valuable assets

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