advanced network & application layer DDoS solutions, forged to protect the world

Cloud DDoS Defenses

Enables organizations to protect their infrastructures against bandwidth-saturating DDoS attacks using cloud services.


Hybrid DDoS Defenses

Combines on-premises defenses with on-demand cloud defenses to help eliminate smaller attacks on-premises, while defending against volumetric attacks using the cloud.


On-Premises DDoS Defenses

Provides organizations with a scalable, advanced DDoS protection solution to withstand the most extreme attacks.


Global Threat Intelligence

With visibility into China, organizations can effectively defend against threats using real-time, actionable, global threat intelligence.


Our advanced network and application layer security solutions are ideally suited for enterprises, service providers, universities, gaming, social media companies and any organization looking for the best protection available. We have combined cutting edge security research with years of experience protecting the world’s most demanding and complex network infrastructure to produce a solution that can be optimized for any size environment.

Solutions for an Interconnected World

NSFOCUS is committed to providing customers with reliable, innovative network, application and cloud DDoS solutions that provide comprehensive protection from advanced DDoS attacks. We develop, sell and support enterprise and carrier-grade DDoS solutions based on cutting edge research and world-class engineering. Our products have helped more than 8,000 customers worldwide to maintain high levels of business operations and ensure the availability of their online systems.