advanced network & application layer DDoS solutions, forged to protect the world

Cloud DDoS Defenses

Enables Service Providers to defeat DDoS attacks impacting their infrastructure, using NSFOCUS Cloud Defenses


Hybrid DDoS Defenses

Combines on-premises defenses with cloud defenses, while enabling providers to deliver Managed DDoS Services with a multi-tenant Platform that produces the lowest operating costs in the industry.


On-Premises DDoS Defenses

Enables Service Providers to defeat attacks impacting their customers, using NSFOCUS On-Premises Defenses


Global Threat Intelligence

With visibility into China, organizations can effectively defend against threats using real-time, actionable, global threat intelligence.


NSFOCUS delivers a holistic suite of security products that work in concert to protect you from your biggest cyberthreats such as ever increasing DDoS attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs) from threat actors around the world, and 0-day ransomware infestations. Because NSFOCUS products are powered by industry leading threat intelligence, organizations are now fully enabled to leverage the promise of cloud computing and empowering our partners to provide better security as a service in a smart and simple way.


NSFOCUS is committed to providing a Complete Service Provider DDoS Mitigation Solution with reliable and innovative network, application, and cloud defenses that can defeat all DDoS attacks — regardless of size, duration, or frequency. We develop, sell, and deliver Carrier-Grade DDoS solutions based on cutting edge research, world-class engineering, and global support.