Statistics indicate that a large portion of cyber threats originate, terminate, and transverse the Internet infrastructure in China. With the largest numbers of Internet-connected devices, and vast numbers of Internet users, the cyber threat landscape in China is larger and more complex than anywhere else in the world.




NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence Includes:
  • Intel from China
  • Intel from the Rest of the World

TI Subscription Service datasheet

24×7 Global Threat Research from NSFOCUS Security Labs

Sources of NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence
  • 8000+ Active Customers
  • 12,000+ Sensors
  • Extensive Honeypot Network
  • 400 Million Endpoints
Why do most tactical threat intelligence feeds lack a comprehensive view of what’s coming in and out of China? Simple – most commercial TI offerings have no visibility into China, and are therefore incapable of providing the missing information organizations need. NSFOCUS solves that dilemma.
Actionable Threat Intelligence
  • NSFOCUS Cloud and On-Premises DDoS Defenses consume NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence feeds in real-time – Putting Intel into Action
Real-Time Information Sharing
  • Organizations who deploy NSFOCUS On-Premises DDoS Defenses can opt in to share sanitized threat information with NSFOCUS Security Labs
Custom Threat Information
  • Highly curated and customized strategic and tactical threat data for consumption by NSFOCUS defenses and other third-party solutions – delivered through the Cloud