Adeline Zhang

New Feature – Protection Group-Specific ACL Rules in ADS R90F04

dezembro 2, 2022

Function Description This function will be released on ADS Version 4.5R90F04 in Q1 2023. As global ACL rules may not be suitable for some scenarios, ADS R90F04 supports custom access control rules for a protection group for more refined control. The underlying implementation of ACL rules in ADS R90F04 is refactored, significantly improving the performance. […]

A Look at Qatar’s Infrastructure Construction Through Cyberspace Surveying and Mapping Technology

novembro 28, 2022

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off on Sunday, Nov 20, 2022, no country can be more notable than Qatar these days. In this article, we will get you familiar with the host nation Qatar, and show you its infrastructure construction level through analysis of cyberspace services. Qatar and the FIFA 2022 World Cup […]

NSFOCUS WAF IP Reputation Introduction

novembro 24, 2022

NSFOCUS WAF obtains IP Reputation Data Feed from NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence (NTI). NSFOCUS WAF IP Reputation can get the list of IP addresses that have earned a negative reputation through involvement in suspicious activity, including phishing attacks, spam, botnets, DDoS attacks, APT attacks, and more. NSFOCUS WAF will filter high-risk IP addresses from IP Reputation […]

The Increasingly Complex and Varied Vectors to Attack Software Supply Chain

novembro 23, 2022

Unlike vulnerability exploitation in products, attack vectors and implementation channels targeting the supply chain in the real environment are more diverse. Due to the advantages of low development cost, the widespread use of open-source components in projects has become the mainstream development method. The conflict between a rule-relaxed open community and limited maintenance resources provides […]

API Protection: The New Focus in the Web Application Firewall Market

novembro 21, 2022

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become a role that can’t be ignored in digital transformation, whether in application modernization or agile business strategies. At the application development stage, APIs are standard service interfaces. When it comes to interfacing with third-party services, APIs are a common choice. In the microservice architecture, APIs are an integral part […]

NSFOCUS Named a Representative Vendor by Gartner® in the Report of Tool: Vendor Identification for Data Loss Prevention 2022

novembro 18, 2022

NSFOCUS has been recognized as one of the Representative Vendors in the Report of Tool: Vendor Identification for Data Loss Prevention 2022 1. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation. With the vigorous development of digital economy and information industry, the rapid implementation and application of 5G, zero trust, AI, and blockchain […]

NSFOCUS Recognized by Gartner in Hype Cycle for Security in China, 2022

novembro 17, 2022

Gartner® recently published the report of Hype Cycle™ for Security in China, 2022. NSFOCUS has been named a Sample Vendor for situational awareness and 7 other technologies, which NSFOCUS believes validates its innovation and latest practice in security management and situational awareness. According to the report, “situational awareness (SA) technologies in China “are modern, centralized […]

Detection of Constituent Proportions of Outbound Traffic for DDoS Attacks

novembro 15, 2022

Function Description​ This function will be released on NTA Version 4.5R90F04 in Q1 2023. In the earlier versions, the NTA identifies outbound DDoS attacks by traffic thresholds set for region IP addresses. Some customers with small-traffic businesses hope the NTA can detect constituent proportions of outbound traffic for DDoS attacks. If the outbound traffic of […]

NSFOCUS Gains CREST Accreditation for Penetration Test Service

novembro 10, 2022

Santa Clara, Calif. November 10, 2022  – NSFOCUS, a global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, today announced it has received CREST’s internationally recognized accreditation for its Penetration Test services, an addition to its existing accreditation for the vulnerability assessment service.   CREST uses a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure its member companies are accredited and quality […]

The Increasing Trend of Software Supply Chain Attacks

novembro 8, 2022

Compared with traditional security threats, supply chain threats have a spreading influence. Vulnerabilities of upstream products will affect all downstream roles, causing security risks to spread along the supply chain and consequently expanding the attack area. In recent years, several influential supply chain attacks have taken place, involving open-source components, public code repositories, and cloud […]


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