Many service providers and enterprises utilize a hybrid approach to defeat the potentially damaging effects of DDoS attacks. The combination of NSFOCUS On-Premises Defenses with the on-demand NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection Service eliminates smaller attacks on-premises, while defending infrastructures against bandwidth saturating DDoS attacks using the NSFOCUS Cloud.


End-to-End Protection
On Premises DDoS Defenses
  • On-premises defense for sub-saturation attacks
  • Quick and effective immediate mitigation
  • Automatic hand-off to NSFOCUS Cloud Centers
  • Shortens time to redirection and cloud mitigation
  • Increased visibility and traffic threshold monitoring
Cloud DDoS Protection Service
  • 24/7 protection as a service
  • Flexible connectivity for clean traffic
  • Quick and easy network integration
  • Low network latency and effective mitigation
  • Borderless protection with hybrid architecture readiness

On-Premises and Cloud – Integrated Operations