NSFOCUS Solutions for Service Providers

Internet cloud, hosting and service providers face fierce competition and they are expanding their business by providing hosting services including online gaming, electronic payment, e-commerce, online video services and more. New service offerings require real-time availability, since any delay may cause an impact to customer satisfaction and retention.

The requirement for constant availability is being jeopardized by the growing threat of DDoS attacks targeting hosting companies. Such attacks degrade performance and block communications bandwidth, denying legitimate users access to the system. This results in a rise in user complaints, customer defection and an inability to grow the business. A recent increase in DDoS amplification attacks, in which a query sent out can generate 7 to 27 times the amount of return traffic, have the potential to bring down even the most robust of systems. Today, DDoS attacks can cost hosting companies more than $40,000 per hour, while the cost to launch such an attack is less than $40.

The best way for a cloud or hosting provider to detect and prevent DDoS attacks in real time is by using a high-performance, professional DDoS mitigation solution that is able to detect and clean massive amounts of traffic while allowing legitimate users to continue using the services.

The NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS Solution uses a scalable architecture that is performance optimized to meet the current and future needs of service provider environments. It consists of three components:

  • Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA):  A threat detection appliance that identifies malicious traffic.
  • Anti-DDoS System (ADS):  A mitigation appliance that removes unwanted, malicious traffic.
  • Anti-DDoS System Manager (ADS-M):  A multi-tenant management system designed for service providers. It provides centralized management of the ADS and NTA appliances as well as support for multiple, separate configuration and reporting domains by end-customer.

Together, these systems provide virtually unlimited DDoS mitigation capacity to withstand the most persistent threats under the most network extreme conditions.

In addition to protecting their own networks, many service providers use NSFOCUS’ DDoS Protection Solution to deliver cloud-based DDoS mitigation services to their customers. These service providers are able to increase revenue and create competitive differentiation.

For more information, please download the DDoS Protection Solution datasheet.