Cloud Services

The NSFOCUS Cloud Security Platform provides customers with easy access to industry-leading security services designed to keep you connected and protected.  Our exclusive, strategically located Cloud Centers are the perfect compliment to our on-premises equipment and enable NSFOCUS to provide you with end-to-end network and application security from a single source.

Our Cloud Centers have been specifically designed to deliver high performance, reliable network and application security starting with DDoS attack detection and mitigation.  The same high capacity infrastructure used to deliver these services is also being extended to include a broad range of security products including web application firewall and web vulnerability scanning.

Cloud DDoS Protection Service (DPS)
The NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection Solution protects organizations against debilitating and costly DDoS attacks. Our Anti-DDoS detection and mitigation technologies have prevented millions of DDoS attacks and are used by some of the world’s largest banks, telecommunications companies, service providers, technology companies and other organizations.  This technology powers our Cloud DDoS Protection Solution and integrates seamlessly with our on-premises Anti-DDoS system to protect your organization from volumetric attacks that would otherwise completely saturate your bandwidth and take you offline.


  • Strategically located, global cloud centers
  • Seamless integration with your network
  • Direct access to popular cloud services including Amazon, Dropbox, Azure, and more
  • Automatic handoff with NSFOCUS on-premises DDoS defenses
  • Easy to use, feature rich web portal


  • Alleviate concerns over loss of revenue, loss of customers, damage to brand, service availability, and theft of vital data
  • Reduce operating expenses and free up valuable IT security personnel
  • Eliminate costly bandwidth charges

For more information, please download the Cloud DPS data sheet